The Breakfast Lady: God's Work Near and Far (English Edition)
Xulon Press
EUR 6,97
The Parable of the Breakfast LadyShe was there in the hotel breakfast dining area Friday morning when we arrived off the bus in Parsippany, New Jersey—all 80 + of us right into her space. We lined up for food and bustled about as teens do getting tables, darting for drinks, and finding table service. We stressed her out and her body language looked annoyed. She even told other customers how rude the band kids were (no, we were tired and had traveled 15 hours). I asked her for grapes for my son who was not feeling well and in her robust thick Jersey accent, she yelled, “Walk and talk, walk and talk!!!” and made me follow her to the kitchen to get them. No one liked her, people thought she was rude, and she made us a tad uneasy. Saturday, I didn’t get to go on the day’s activities because Austin was sick and stayed in bed. I went to breakfast without him and saw her and decided to put in a plug for our kids. I thanked her for putting up with a big group the day before and then told her how awesome the band kids are and musically gifted. She softened…basically, it’s called kill ‘em with kindness. We chatted for another minute and parted ways. Sunday, when Austin was clearly in need of medical attention, I decided I would drive him home to Decatur in a rental car and take him right to my hospital for what I thought was dehydration and a recurring sinus infection. I insisted that the manager find me a rental car place as I wept about my son being so sick and needing to go back to Illinois. Enter Breakfast Lady on the scene, overhearing my commands. She got in my face with her Jersey accent and demanded I take him to the local hospital NOW and that she’d be driving me there herself. The manager then told me all local rental car places were closed on Sundays. Breakfast Lady got her keys out and said, “Let’s go. Get your son.” The parable? Breakfast Lady saved his life. Time was of the essence and she spared me from wasted critical time I would have burned on the drive home. He got early treatment and good outcomes (at least I think so to date). Who are the breakfast ladies you need to kill with kindness, with the chance they may help you someday?
Jolly Songs: in Precursive Letters (British English edition)
Jolly Phonics
EUR 8,93
Jolly Songs est un kit CD+livre idéal pour s'initier à la méthode Jolly Phonics en apprenant les 42 sons de la langue anglaise de façon ludique, à travers des comptines.
Various I Declare War
OFDb Filmworks (Ascot Elite)
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Gemini Crisis: Records of the Slave Knights (English Edition)
Fyke Xoleli
EUR 2,99
Gemini Crisis: Records of the Slave Knights follows the main character, Layden D'Arc. Taking place three years after the initial Gemini Crisis incident, Layden's journey starts on one of the forty-nine space colonies. With hopes of finding his father who stayed on earth during the moon explosion (that took place during the Gemini Crisis), he joins the Orbital Marines in order to get a ticket back to earth. Although, not long after his arrival, he finds himself trying to find answers to a much bigger mystery, what caused the Gemini Crisis.
Steel Wool / EMPIRE
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Irrepressible Lucie Archer (English Edition)
PublishAmerica originally published the book in 2006; now I own the rights.
EUR 3,04
Lucie Archer is an eleven-year-old girl who doesn't quite fit in with her family. She tries to be restrained, but instead she is irrepressible. As a result of her latest exploit, Lucie is bumped from the family's trip to England, and has to stay the remainder of the summer with an uncle and cousin she has never met.From the time Lucie arrives at her uncle's isolated, television-less house, she suspects something is sinister. Either her uncle and cousin are some sort of monsters, or there is one in the house, or the house is haunted, or all three. Without a television, Lucie has time to explore and imagine, and she is determined to uncover the house's secrets. As she learns the secrets of the house, she learns even more about herself and her own history.
Homme Tee Vintage T Shirt fykes X-Large Noir
One in the City
EUR 19,95
fykes, t-shirt homme, 100% coton, tailles : XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.Nous respectons l'environnement ! Les tee shirts sont imprimés avec de l'encre écologique ŕ l'eau sans solvant ne contenant pas de produits dangereux. L'encre est parfaitement résistante au lavage et présente un toucher trčs souple. Nos encres sont aux normes Oeko-Tex 100.Matériaux utilisés : CotonTaille : S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.Mesures du modčle : XS: largeur poitrine 19 inch/49 cm, longueur totale 24 inch/62 cmS: largeur poitrine 20 inch/50 cm, longueur totale 27 inch/69 cmM: largeur poitrine 21 inch/53 cm, longueur totale 28 inch/72 cmL: largeur poitrine 22 inch/56 cm, longueur totale 29 inch/74 cmXL: largeur poitrine 23 inch/58 cm, longueur totale 30 inch/76 cm2XL: largeur poitrine 24 inch/62 cm, longueur totale 31 inch/78 cm3XL: largeur poitrine 25,20 inch/64 cm, longueur totale 31,50 inch/80 cm
Seesaw-Min en Alliage d'aluminium Appât de pêche Fyke Filet de pêche Emplacement Net Porte-Cage de Poissons avec Sac, Dia33Cm Length200Cm
EUR 41,60
Avec ou non Encollage: Oui Nom de marque: Seesaw-Min Matériel: alliage d'aluminium positionnable ou non: Oui Type de produit: Filets de pêche Type: verveux rétractable ou Pas oui
I Declare War [ Origine Australien, Sans Langue Francaise ] (Blu-Ray)

EUR 20,98
Australie Edition, Blu-Ray/Region B DVD: SON: Anglais ( DTS 5.1 ), Anglais ( DTS-HD Master Audio ), WIDESCREEN (1.78:1), SUPPLEMENTS: Acc s De Sc ne, Commentaire, Dans les coulisses, Featurette, Menu Interactif, SYNOPSIS: Durant l' t , des adolescents s'amusent à "jouer à la guerre" dans une forêt. Les choses deviennent s rieuses lorsque la jalousie et la trahison s'en mêlent... ...I Declare War
Thomas Goes Fourth: Stories told and illustrated by Thomas Kirchel (Once Upon a Time, There Was a Thomas Named Thomas Book 4) (English Edition)

EUR 3,40
This collection represents my son's fourth year of story-telling. His first year of stories can be found in Once Upon a Time There Was A Thomas Named Thomas. His second year of stories can be found in More Thomas Named Thomas, and his stories continue for a third year in Even More Thomas Named Thomas. The third year of stories began on November 1, 2015, just before my son's seventh birthday, and ended on October 31, 2016, just before his eighth birthday.